Dear Study Abroad Student,

Congratulations on your decision to study abroad! You are about to embark on what promises to be one of the most significant experiences of your life.

We in International Programs are here to help you plan for study abroad, keep in touch with you while you are away, and help you re-integrate your study abroad experience with your life at Middlebury when you return. This handbook is one tool in this process. We hope is that this handbook, in conjunction with advising by International Programs and your academic advisor, pre-departure orientation meetings, and information you receive from your host program or university, will be useful to you in making your study abroad experience the best it can be. You should also, of course, plan to do research and exploration on your own to learn as much as you can about where you will be studying.

As you know, study abroad can enrich your undergraduate education, broaden your worldview, deepen your intellectual and personal maturity, foster self-confidence and independent thinking, and enhance your career prospects, among many other things. We wish you the best in this experience! Don’t hesitate to contact me at any point in your study abroad experience if I can be of any assistance.


Stacey Woody Thebodo, Associate Director and Advisor for Externally Sponsored Programs
International Programs
Middlebury College

Table of Contents

Pre-Departure Logistics

Money Matters

Academic & Administrative Matters

Health Issues

Safety and Legal Issues

Cross-Cultural Issues

Sustainable Study Abroad

While You’re Away

Returning Home

To Do Before You Go

Middlebury endeavors to present an accurate overview of the programs, facilities, and fees of study abroad in this publication. However, Middlebury reserves the right to alter any programs, facilities, fees, policies and/or procedures described in this publication without notice or obligation. This handbook is published on the Middlebury Study Abroad website; any changes after initial publication will be made on the web and such changes shall supersede all prior versions of this handbook.