Plagiarism is a violation of intellectual honesty. Plagiarism is passing off another person’s work as one’s own. It is taking and presenting as one’s own the ideas, research, writings, creations, or inventions of another. It makes no difference whether the source is a student or a professional in some field. For example, in written work, whenever as much as a sentence or key phrase is taken from the work of another without specific citation of the source, the issue of plagiarism arises.

Paraphrasing is the close restatement of another’s idea using approximately the language of the original. Paraphrasing without acknowledgment of authorship is also plagiarism and is as serious a violation as an unacknowledged quotation. The individual student is responsible for ensuring that his or her work does not involve plagiarism. Ignorance of the nature of plagiarism or of College rules may not be offered as mitigating circumstances. Students with uncertainties and questions on matters relating to footnoting and citation of sources should consult with the course instructor for whom they are preparing work.


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