Outside the Classroom

Middlebury College encourages all undergraduate students to take full advantage of your experience abroad by participating in learning experiences outside the classroom.  Internships, volunteer work, and cultural activities provide students with opportunities to deepen your social immersion in Latin American culture, enhance your language skills, and gain a better understanding of present-day Latin America.


Through an internship in a host organization, students will gain more in-depth experience and exposure to the host culture and work environment. This experience will also provide students with new knowledge and skills which can lead to other overseas opportunities in the future. Students will receive instrHB - internshipuctions for applying for an internship prior to their departure for Latin America.

Internships are not guaranteed for any participant.  They are granted on a competitive basis and subject to goodwill agreements of the school abroad and the acceptance of the student on the part of the prospective employer. Placements are dependent on availability, previous experience, qualifications, and the language ability of each student.  Credit-bearing internships are graded A-F and require substantive academic work in the form of a final paper.  Students who agree to pursue internships are expected to follow through with their commitment until the end of the semester. Students who withdraw from a credit-bearing internship after the on-site registration period will earn an “F” and will be ineligible to enroll in another course.

Volunteer Work

Students wishing to contribute their time and service to the community may choose to work as volunteers with organizations in the non-profit sector. The staff in Argentina or Uruguay can help students find volunteer opportunities.

Cultural Activities

Other options that facilitate student immersion include sports, cultural and outdoor activities. The staff is avaEn el Lago 1ilable to advise students on the wide range of possibilities the cities have to offer.


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