Welcome to the Middlebury School in Germany Graduate Handbook! Please use the Table of Contents below or the menu above to navigate to different sections of the Handbook.

This Handbook has been compiled to help you prepare for the program of study abroad with Middlebury College during the

2021-2022 academic year. Along with the website of the School in Germany, this handbook is designed to provide the answers to the most common questions you might have before departure or during your stay abroad. It is meant to be read and used in conjunction with the Schools Abroad General Handbook. Please make sure you have a good grasp of the information both handbooks provide. For your convenience, they’ll be online for easy future reference.

Needless to say, our offices welcome your inquiries and our staff is available to answer any questions you may have regarding your time abroad.

Middlebury endeavors to present an accurate overview of the programs, facilities, and fees of the Schools Abroad in this publication. However, Middlebury reserves the right to alter any programs, facilities, fees, policies and/or procedures described in this publication without notice or obligation. This handbook is published on the Middlebury Schools Abroad website; any changes after initial publication will be made on the web and such changes shall supersede all prior versions of this handbook.

Table of Contents
 Welcome Letter from the Director

Arrival and Orientation
Academic and Administrative Matters
Program Policies
Cultural Learning Inside and Outside the Classroom
Living in Germany
Health and Safety
On-Site Money Matters
Communication with Friends and Family

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