Course Listings

Most departments publish a listing of courses a few weeks before the start of the semester, complete with descriptions and reading lists. German studies majors may take courses in German Literature or Linguistics, Theater and Film studies, German Anthropology (Volkskunde), Political Science, Comparative Literature, History, Music, Religion, Jewish Studies, Art History, and Economics. All courses have to deal with an aspect related to German language, culture, or history to obtain German departmental credit.

JGu, Mainz

UP, Potsdam

In order to register for a course, it is of utmost importance that you speak to the professors after the first session.  The professors must be willing to assess your work in the class through the grading of a 12-page research paper or by giving you a written exam of 90 minutes, no matter what kind of course type they are teaching. This negotiation process will be discussed in further detail at the on-site orientation.

The following courses were among those offered by various departments in recent years. While we cannot guarantee that each of these courses will be available to students on a regular basis, they serve as a representative sample of the kinds of offerings you may expect.

JGu Mainz

UP Potsdam

Goethe and Music

Hip Hop and Social Justice

Detective Stories

History of the founding of Israel as a State

Comparative Politics

Peace and Security – Introduction to International Security Politics

History of the German Language

Kant’s Principles of Pure Reason

Descriptive Linguistics

Refugee Migration, Europe, and Citizenship

Concepts of Femininity in the History of Dance


Thomas Mann

The Free State of Prussia in the Weimar Republic

Introduction to Opera and Dramaturgy

Religions of Tibet and Mongolia

Second Language Acquisition

Prohibited Speech in the Hebrew Bible

Teaching German as a Second Language

International Resource Policies: A Comparison between Germany and the USA.

Introduction to the Political System of the BRD

Climate Induced Effects: a Systematic Survey

International Relations

Introduction to the Literature of the Early Modern Age