Welcome to the Middlebury C.V. Starr Schools Abroad Guidelines for Studying with a Middlebury Graduate School Abroad.

This handbook has been compiled in an effort to prepare you for your program of study abroad with Middlebury during the academic year. Please read everything carefully and be sure to follow instructions.

If you read all of this material carefully you will find the answers to many commonly asked questions. However, our office always welcomes your emails, phone calls, and inquiries, and hopes that you will continue to seek guidance and support as you prepare for your study abroad experience. Likewise, our staff is always available to talk to your parents, family, and friends and answer any questions they may have regarding your time abroad.

Middlebury endeavors to present an accurate overview of the programs, facilities, and fees of the Schools Abroad in this publication. However, Middlebury reserves the right to alter any programs, facilities, fees, policies and/or procedures described in this publication without notice or obligation. This handbook is published on the Middlebury Schools Abroad website; any changes after initial publication will be made on the web and such changes shall supersede all prior versions of this handbook.

In addition to the policies set forth in the Schools Abroad Graduate Program Guidelines, all Middlebury graduate students, faculty, and staff are also subject to the Middlebury College Handbook.

We strongly recommend that parents or guardians become familiar with the contents of this handbook. We hope this information will be helpful and we wish you a productive and enjoyable year abroad.


Living Abroad
Returning to the U.S.
Middlebury College Policies