The Language Pledge

The Pledge you will sign at the end of orientation in Jordan reads:  “I will maintain the spirit of the Middlebury Language Pledge to speak only the language that I am studying. … I agree to abide by the Middlebury College Language Pledge.”

Arabic must be spoken at all times, except in the case of a genuine emergency, a visit from family (English may not be spoken with family when within earshot of anyone related to the program), or when an exception is made by the staff in Amman. Phone calls to family and friends overseas, whether over the Internet, from a land line or from a cell phone, are allowed as long as one is out of earshot of other students and roommates. This policy is very important to the maintenance of an Arabic language environment for all program students.

There will be regular meetings of students and program administrators in which the Language Pledge may be suspended.  Speaking English at this time, of course, is not a violation of the Language Pledge.

You should always reach out to the program administration if you have any concerns about the pledge!