Credit & Registration

All Undergraduates

A student’s workload must be approved by the Resident Director in Jordan. Students are not permitted to take lighter loads, nor will they receive additional credit for heavier loads. A normal courseload is four classes per semester.

Middlebury Undergraduates

Middlebury College students receive four units of credit for the fall, or five units for the spring semester, and nine units of credit for the academic year.

Students from other Colleges & Universities

Middlebury College considers a semester/academic year abroad equivalent to a semester/academic year in the U.S.; students who transfer their credits to other institutions typically receive 15-16 credit hours per semester or 20-25 quarter units per semester for four courses.  Because an undergraduate student’s home institution determines the number of credits awarded for academic work abroad, you are urged to consult with your advisers well ahead of time.  If you need additional information about this, please contact the International Programs Office at Middlebury.


Registration for classes will take place in country under the advisement of the Director in Jordan following placement exams at the start of the program.  At that time, more detailed information about studying in Jordan will be given, and specific questions will be addressed.