Learning Outside the Classroom

Community EngagementMiddlebury College encourages all students to take full advantage of their experience abroad by participating in learning experiences outside the classroom.  Community engagement and cultural activities provide you with opportunities to deepen your social immersion in Jordanian culture, enhance your language skills, and gain a better understanding of present-day Jordan.


Students who are in Jordan for a full year may pursue a for-credit internship during their second semester.  Through an internship in a host organization, students can gain more in-depth experience and exposure to the host culture and work environment. This experience will also provide students with new knowledge and skills, which can lead to other overseas opportunities in the future. Internship options should be discussed with the Director well in advance of the start of the second semester.

Community Engagement

As part of our Community Engagement program, students are required to participate in at least one extracurricular activity, be it volunteering or another activity like meeting regularly with a language partner or joining a sports team/group.  Students wishing to contribute time and service to the community may choose to work as volunteers with organizations in the non-profit sector. The Director and Resident Coordinators in Jordan will help students find volunteer opportunities through a variety of host organizations with which there are already established ties. Students will be required to submit recordings on their activity in their Colloquial Arabic class.

Cultural Activities and Program Excursions

Other activities that facilitate student immersion include sports, cultural, and outdoor activities.

The program regularly organizes activities as well as two 2-day excursions and a day trip.

We also encourage you to explore Amman and Jordan on your own.  Amman provides plenty of cultural resources if one looks for them. Explore and share opportunities advertised on campus and in community calendars online! The Resident Coordinators are also available to advise students on the wide range of possibilities the city has to offer, including concerts, lectures, art exhibits, and more.