Mandatory on-site orientation sessions will be held for all students during the week before the beginning of classes. Orientation is conducted in a relaxed informal atmosphere in which you will get the chance to meet the director, on-site staff and other students in the program, as well as Jordanian students and mentors.  Besides exploring the university and the city, you will be introduced to Jordanian colloquial Arabic.  There will also be in-depth sessions on living in homestays, academics, safety and security, among other topics.  Please consult the School’s calendar for dates.


ORIENTATION SESSIONS ARE MANDATORY FOR ALL STUDENTS.  Please plan to arrive in Amman at least one day before orientation is scheduled to begin.  (In most cases it will be fine if you would like to arrive a few days before the beginning of orientation. Please contact either the staff in Amman or in Middlebury well in advance if you would like to arrive early.)