Health & Safety

Whenever you go to any foreign country, you are exposed to germs against which your body has not yet built up a resistance. You may, therefore, be more susceptible to illness than local people are.  This is as true for Americans going abroad as it is for those coming to the United States.

The most common health problems among travelers are digestive and upper respiratory problems.

Please keep in mind:

  • Bring a supply of any prescription medicine to last your entire stay, as these may be difficult to acquire, and customs may prohibit shipping of medicines.  Any medication that requires refrigeration should be brought to the attention of Middlebury prior to the departure as special arrangements may be necessary.
  • The School in Jordan’s staff reserves the right to send any participant home who, in the judgment of the staff, is not mentally or physically fit to continue in the program. Students who must leave Jordan early for documented health reasons may be eligible for a partial tuition refund. Please refer to the information in the Schools Abroad General Handbook on tuition refund insurance and health insurance for further details.


For safety reasons, you are expected to have a local cell phone number and keep your phone charged at all times.  The cost of this has been accounted for in your estimated personal expenses. You will be assisted, during the on-site orientation, in getting a local SIM or cell phone.