Medical Care

Travel and study in a foreign country can be very strenuous.  It is important that you take action immediately when an illness or injury occurs.

When you are sick in Jordan, you need to be patient at a time when you may feel least able to be so. Hospital visits can sometimes take hours. Such experiences can test your patience and cultural sensitivity.

In the event of an illness, use your common sense and ask your host family about whether or not to seek outside help. You should speak with the Resident Coordinators in all cases of any serious illness, and before agreeing to hospitalization. You can also contact the Resident Coordinators about accompanying you to the doctor. Depending on the issue, you may be taken to the hospital or a specialist. Even if you aren’t facing a life-threatening emergency, you may still be directed to the hospital Emergency Room to see a physician.

Some people have diarrhea just changing countries, so don’t be surprised if your stomach is unsettled when you first arrive (or if your allergies act up!).  The adaptation period can be minimized by avoiding fruits or vegetables that are unpeeled, uncooked, or grown with irrigation water.  These same precautions will also provide some protection from hepatitis, typhoid, and cholera.  You are also encouraged to pay attention to the cleanliness of the building, utensils, and food in any new place you eat.