Cost of Living

DinarIn general, you should plan to spend as much in a given month in Jordan as you would at home, if not more; though if you are accustomed to living on a residential campus, you might at first be surprised by how quickly the expense of taxis can add up. Keep in mind that the amount of money you spend ultimately depends on the lifestyle you choose. Western-style cafes and restaurants in West Amman are often more expensive than in the U.S., and you will often need to take a taxi to reach them. One staff member noted, “I would even make a direct relationship here: the less money you spend, the better the experience.  Think of yourselves as travelers rather than tourists. Oftentimes, the in-country facilities used by foreign tourists are not those used by the locals…”

Excursions are planned each semester to significant locations in Jordan such as Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea, and a nature reserve.  These excursions are partially subsidized by the program, and sometimes include subsidies for Jordanian mentors or friends to be able to travel with School in Jordan participants.  Students’ out-of-pocket costs for these excursions typically run between $150 and $250 per semester (optional activities during excursions, such as camel rides, bike rentals, etc. will be at the student’s expense).  Feel free to reach out the Resident Coordinators if you have specific questions on the costs of certain goods or activities in Amman.

Remember to budget extra funds if you are planning to travel before or after your program or in the semester break. If you are a big spender at home, can’t live without lattes, or plan to join a gym, etc, budgeting more money would be a good idea.

Amman is an expensive city, so be prepared to make and stick to a budget during your semester (especially if you plan to travel over breaks and weekends!).  Also keep in mind that your lifestyle here might differ from home or on campus – perhaps you will spend more time in cafés (read: buying lattes) rather than studying at UJ’s library, taking an Uber to and from evening social events rather than walking, or exploring every weekend rather than Netflixing. To get a general idea of costs in the city, check out