Travel to Jordan

Airline Reservations

Students are responsible for making their own flight arrangements to arrive before the start of orientation in Amman. We recommend using a student travel agency for flexibility and the best rates:

Flying to Jordan

Flights from the U.S. land in Amman or Aqaba (more often than not, with a stop or two in Europe first). Routes vary greatly by carrier.  Queen Alia Airport is the main international airport and only about 30 minutes away from the city center in Amman.

The on-site staff will email all incoming students to share their arrival information about a week before the program begins, so that you know if anyone else is arriving on the same flight.

Departures from Jordan

Return tickets should be booked according to the calendar on the School in the Middle East website.  No departures will be allowed earlier than the dates noted, except in the case of medical emergency.  You may wish to leave yourself some time for further travel in Jordan or the region at the end of the program.

TSA Regulations

The Transportation Security Administration regulates what items may be carried aboard the aircraft and, as these regulations are subject to change frequently, you should consult their website close to your date of departure. Possessing certain items while going through security may result in fines of $250 – $1,500 or, in the case of firearms, may be considered a criminal offense.

Airline Luggage Regulations

You should contact your airline to confirm exact luggage allowances. We strongly suggest you stick to these guidelines, or be prepared to pay excess baggage fees, which can be quite expensive.  Students continuing on a domestic flight within your country of destination should be aware that domestic flights usually have more strict baggage requirements than international flights.

Travel Insurance

Some travel insurance is included under the GeoBlue policy, which is the policy students will be covered under for the entire time that you are on the Middlebury program.  Furthermore, it is possible that you are covered under a policy held by your parents, so investigate this prior to departure. Middlebury strongly encourages students who will be studying in the MENA region to purchase “cancel for any reason” trip insurance for the day(s) of their travel to the host country.  Further information about this can be found online via the application portal.