Email Policy

Middlebury students should continue to use the college e-mail address (  Students from other colleges and universities are issued a Middlebury email address ( upon enrollment in the program.  This Middlebury-issued email address will be used by Middlebury for official communication with students.  The College expects that such communications, many of which are time-critical, will be received and read in a timely fashion.  Middlebury provides an e-mail forwarding services that allows students to read their email via other service providers. Students who choose to forward their email from the address to another address should be aware that sometimes emails or attachments may be lost; this will not constitute an excuse for a student’s lack of awareness or response.

Students should download the Authenticator App to their phone AND select the authenticator phone app as the method to confirming their identity to ensure continued access to their email accounts while abroad because once you buy a local SIM card, having an SMS sent to your phone (with US number will not work).

Students at the Universidad Católica del Uruguay

Students at the
Universidad Católica
del Uruguay

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