A student visa is required of all U.S. citizens studying in Brazil, Cameroon, Chile, China, France, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Portugal, Russia, and Spain, and for some non-U.S. citizens studying elsewhere. Citizens of EU countries studying in EU member states do not require aHB - Visa Stamp visa.  U.S. students studying in Jordan will enter the country on a tourist visa and obtain a student visa during or after the orientation period.

Middlebury applies for visas for students studying in Italy. All other students must apply for a visa on their own. The application process varies depending on your destination and Consulate’s requirements, but can include:
•    photos
•    medical exam
•    proof of insurance
•    statement of financial responsibility
•    FBI or local police background check
•    bank statements
•    tax forms
•    vaccinations

You will be given specific instructions on applying for your visa at a later date, though you may wish to start researching the requirements sooner. Please be aware that it is critical that you already have a valid passport that extends at least six months beyond the projected end of the stay abroad and that you apply for your visa in a timely fashion, normally three months prior to the start of the program.


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