All Undergraduates

A student’s workload must be approved by the Director of the School in Russia. Students are not permitted to take lighter loads, nor will you receive additional credit for heavier loads. Forms are available from the Resident Coordinators to help students document all information relevant for course recognition and transfer to your home institution.

Middlebury Undergraduates

Middlebury College students receive four units of credit for the fall or spring semesters, five units of credit for the fall/winter or winter/spring semesters and nine units of credit for the academic year. Where J-term equivalency credit is awarded, reduced course loads result in the loss of this credit as well.

The duration of the program can vary by site. Mainstream courses at all sites typically end in late December or late May. Exams are usually held from late December through mid-January or throughout the month of June. Fall semester students whose exams officially end in December will be permitted to return to Middlebury for J-term.  Exam dates at all universities are subject to change based on the individual academic department and course so students must be prepared to stay into January.

Students who do not take a mainstream course (those who have completed the 200 level only, prior to going to Russia) in the fall will finish in December and be able to return to Middlebury for J-term.

Students from Other Colleges and Universities

Middlebury College considers a semester/ academic year abroad equivalent to a semester/academic year in the U.S. Students who transfer their credits to other institutions typically receive 15-16 credit hours per semester or 20-25 quarter units per semester for four courses.  Because an undergraduate student’s home institution determines the number of credits awarded for work abroad, students are urged to consult with their advisers well ahead of time. Please be aware that students are required by Middlebury College to take four classes for credit; this is considered a normal full load of classes.