Grade Equivalency

Grades in School in Russia classes are awarded by the instructors, based on a student’s mastery of the course material and his/her effort in the class.  In questionable situations, the School in Russia reserves the right to adjust students’ grades up or down, to more appropriately reflect their work in particular classes.  Repeated unexcused absences will result in an automatic reduction of the grade.

Grades in Russian institutions are given on a “five-ball” scale, similar to that used in the U.S.  While plusses and minuses are not commonly used for Russian students, they are often added to grades for foreigners.

Russian Grade American Grade Equivalent
5 A
4 B
3 C
2 F

Due to the late reporting of grades by the individual universities, students should understand that you will not receive your grades until a few months after the end of the semester.