Getting from the Airport to the Moscow City Center

Please be advised that procuring a taxi at the airport is not quite as simple as in the United States, and students should exercise caution when doing so for the first time. There are official taxi stands in the arrivals halls at Sheremyetevo, Domodedovo, and Vnukovo airports. An official airport taxi from one of these stands to the hotel should cost 1800-2800 rubles. It is likely that numerous shady looking men will approach you in the arrivals hall offering taxi services, but these are almost universally scams that result in an inflated bill (several past students have paid upwards of $250) and under no circumstances should you agree to go in one of their cabs. Instead, proceed to the official taxi stand and order a cab there.

Another option is to take the airport train, called the Aeroexpress (, but if you are not able to walk comfortably with your baggage, this will be a difficult option. The Aeroexpress from Sheremyetevo drops you off at Belorussky Station (Belorusskaya metro station). The Aeroexpress from Domodedovo drops you off at Paveletsky Station (Paveletskaya metro station), and from Vnukovo – at Kievsky train station (Kievskaya metro station).  From all of these stations, you will need to take the metro.  Most students will take a taxi upon arrival and the Aeroexpress for other trips.