Letters mailed from the United States generally take two weeks (and sometimes longer) to reach Russian cities, so do not be discouraged if you do not receive mail at the beginning of your stay. Registered mail from the U.S. usually takes less time and aerogrammes from the United States often arrive more quickly than regular letters or postcards. They are available at any U.S. post office. In cases when you need to be sent a credit card, travel documents, etc. we advise to use use DHL, Fedex, UPS or other similar services for express mail.

Your mailing address at your host university will be:


Россия  125047
1-ый Тверской-ямской пер. 18 ком. 427
Last name, first name

Middlebury College School in Russia
Russia, Moscow, 125047
1-y Tverskoy-Yamskoy per. 18, office 427
Last name, first name


Россия  664003
Ул. Карла Маркса, 1
Иркутский Государственный Университет (ИГУ)
Your name
Middlebury College School in Russia

Russia 664003
ul. Karla Marxa, 1
Irkutskii Gosudarstvennyi Universitet (IGU)
Your name
Middlebury College School in Russia


Россия 150000
Ул. Республиканская, 108
Ярославский Государственный Педагогический Университет
Отдел международного сотрудничества
Your name

Russia 150000
Ul. Respublikanskaya, 108
Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University
Department of International Cooperation
Your name

Students may also elect to receive mail at their host family’s address, to be confirmed upon arrival. Letters can be dropped off in any mailbox and should take two to four weeks to reach the United States, although delivery time varies.

Problems and inconveniences that you feel are significant enough to mention to your parents (by mail, e-mail, or phone) should also be discussed with your Resident Coordinator. International Programs at Middlebury College often receives calls from worried parents with valid concerns. If you have not communicated these concerns to your Resident Coordinator, however, the Middlebury office is unequipped to address your parents’ concerns.

In very limited circumstances, School in Russia staff who are traveling to Russia may be able to bring letters for students to the Moscow office. Students will then have to travel to Moscow to pick up their letters. It is the sender’s responsibility to inform the student of the plan, and we cannot guarantee a time schedule. If time is of the essence, letters and packages should be sent directly to the student.


Using regular mail service for shipping packages can be risky. Packages travel very slowly and do not always arrive with all of their original contents, if they arrive at all. We do not recommend sending valuables via regular post. If you do decide to take this route, keep in mind that air mail for packages via the U.S. Postal Service takes at least two months.

It is possible to mail packages via the U.S. Postal Service’s Express Mail. This method has proven to be relatively quick and reliable, with a mailing time of about two weeks to Moscow and Yaroslavl, but not Irkutsk. It is, however, expensive. Check at your local post office for details.

United Parcel Service, Federal Express and DHL have more dependable service to Russia and do service all of Middlebury’s host cities. However, prices are usually very high (min. $60 for the first pound). Call UPS, FedEx or DHL if you would like more information about these services.

In general, students should not plan on receiving packages from home regularly, as service is unreliable. If you will need supplies of something from home, the School in Russia recommends that you take these supplies with you.  Keep in mind that you may also have to pay a customs fee upon receipt of the package in Russia for anything valued at more than $50, so anything sent should be labeled as “used personal belongings” and if anything new is shipped, it should have the tags removed and have been washed.  One student was asked to pay a duty on his winter coat sent from the States, which was more than twice what the coat was worth!