Cell phones may be very easily purchased in all School in Russia host cities.  Most providers now offer exclusively GSM phones (the most widely used technology in Europe) and an inexpensive handset/SIM card start-up package can usually be purchased for around $50-100.  A wide variety of monthly subscription and per-minute rates are otherwise available and, since they tend to change regularly with new promotions, they can only be confirmed on-site.  Additional details may be viewed on any of the main providers’ websites:

International calls and calls between Russian cities can be placed from private homes. You must dial “8,” wait for the next dial tone, then dial the city code and number. However, keep in mind that it is extremely costly to make international phone calls from private homes, and you have to get your landlord’s permission to do this.

Likewise, it is possible to call from cell phones, but most students prefer to use Skype or various messengers for international calls.