Diet and Health

The best way to stay healthy while living in Russia is to choose your food carefully and eat enough of it. Obtaining fresh fruits and vegetables in Russia is not a problem, although some of the fruits and vegetables Americans are used to could be harder to find. The fruits and vegetables you do find at рынок (open market) or supermarkets  are usually those in season and usually are quite fresh and nutritional. It could be a good idea to buy a supply of vitamins and take them daily in winter and early spring.

A note to vegetarians: You are already used to thinking carefully about your food and nutrient intake. It is possible to live healthily without meat in Russia, but vegetarianism as a concept is not as popular in Russia. You can easily find vegetarian restaurants or vegetarian options almost anywhere.  You should also note that the word “мясо” in Russian means only red meat and you will need to mention poultry and fish separately if you do not eat them.