Hospitals and Medical Care

Travel and study in a foreign country can be very strenuous and in the event of an illness, you should use your common sense about whether or not to seek outside help. School in Russia students have been treated at local hospitals, first-aid stations and private Western clinics that could be found in all major Russian cities. All students coming on the program are covered for the duration of the program with Geoblue Insurance that is accepted in a number of private clinics around Russia. In some of the cases, School in Russia staff may come to the conclusion that being admitted at a local Russian polyclinic could be the best decision at a given situation. Polyclinics, though may seem spartan, can handle most minor ailments or direct you to a specialist if necessary. Foreigners are usually given the best care and special attention.

That said, degrees of helpfulness vary as greatly from institution to institution as they do from individual to individual. When in doubt, you have the option of seeking a second medical opinion from Global Rescue. You should also speak with your Resident Coordinator before agreeing to treatment from a particular local clinic or doctor.  In cases of serious illness when the student can travel, you may choose to visit one of the Geoblue approved clinics.  Students in Yaroslavl seeking healthcare covered by Geoblue, should make a trip to Moscow or St Petersburg. Please, take a moment to read more about Geoblue and your insurance coverage at

Hospitals in Moscow

European Medical Center

Спиридоневский пер. 5, bldg. 1; tel. (495) 933.6655, Full Western medical and dental care, including ophthalmology. Pharmacy on premises.

Intermedcenter (American Clinic)

Address: г.Москва, 4-й Монетчиковский пер., д.1/6, стр.3 24hr emergency care with American and Russian staff.

GMS clinic

Address: 1-й Николощеповский пер., д. 6, стр. 1 tel. (495) 781-55-77. 24hr emergency care with American and Russian staff.

Hospitals in St. Petersburg

American Medical Clinic (AMC). 78 Moika embankment,;
tel. (812) 740-20-90.