Registering Your Visa

When you arrive in Russia, you have to register your visa. All foreigners in Russia are required to officially register in the city where they will be residing.  Your registration is a confirmation of your lawful stay in Russia. Please make sure you apply for your registration within 7 days upon your arrival in Russia. Every time you leave and enter Russia, and receive a new migration card you must apply for a new migration registration.If you have been registered in another city in Russia, please make sure that you again apply for a new registration after your return.

To register in your city, depending on where you will be studying you either will have do it through the international department of your host university or your host family will need to help you with that. This will require a copy of your passport, migration card and visa. Please, keep in mind that even though your Resident Coordinator, international office or your host family will be helping you with your registration, it stays your responsibility to make sure that you are registered in a timely manner.

Further details about the registration process will be provided at the orientation meetings. You may not leave Russia until you have the new multi-entry visa, so do not make travel plans for early in the semester.