Public Transport

Mass transit in most cities is extensive and inexpensive but very crowded during час пик  (rush hour). In order to learn the layout of your city, you could download an app (Yandex.Maps, Google.Maps and so on) or get a city map at a local bookstore. Don’t be afraid to ask for directions, if you get lost!

A transportation pass called a проездной билет is the most convenient way to pay for mass transit. A проездной билет can be for one or many forms of transit, you could also come across единый билет, which is good for all forms of mass transit.This ticket eliminates worrying about change and buying separate tickets.

For trolleys, trams, and buses, tickets can be bought at kiosks or from the driver or conductor on the bus. Frequently, a checker (кондуктор) will flash a badge and ask to see your ticket. If you do not have a ticket, единый билет, or проездной билет, an embarrassing scene will ensue and you will immediately be fined. The Moscow metro and other public transportation now use electronic cards for tickets.

In Irkutsk and Yaroslavl, one of the main forms of transportation are маршрутные такси – private minivans which run on set routes throughout the city.  They are faster and run more frequently than city buses, but each ride must be paid individually and no monthly passes are available.

Learn the hours during which public transportation operates in your city and plan accordingly. Remember that trolleybus and tram hours vary from line to line, though most close for the night between 11:30 pm and 1:00 a.m.

Taxis are expensive but convenient. On site, you will be given phone numbers of the local taxi companies as well as apps popular in Russia for getting a taxi. While hailing cabs is a universal practice, the School in Russia absolutely does not allow it.  Never ride in an unofficial cab alone, after dark, or under the influence of alcohol. Never get into a car that is already carrying another passenger.  Foreigners have been abducted and robbed in such situations.

Taxis that are ordered through taxi companies are reliable and safe for individual and late-night travel.