There are all types of shops in Russia – from expensive luxury shopping centers to cheaper markets. Expensive shops usually dominate in the city centers, and it is easier to find cheaper goods in residential areas. During orientation, you will be given information regarding shopping in your city. Here are some useful words to remember:

Булочная/ Пекарня Bakery: bread, rolls, and cookies
Молоко Dairy products: milk, yogurt, cheese and eggs
Продукты Fruits and vegetables, juices, canned goods, candies, some dry goods
Электротовары Electric tea kettles, fans and other electrical products
Гастроном Dairy products and meat
Кулинария Prepared foods
Парфюмерия Perfume, toiletries, mirrors, jewelry
Универмаг Department store
Хозяйственный Soap powder, kitchen utensils, brooms, etc.