HIV Testing

In 1995 the Russian Federation passed a law requiring all foreign visitors whose stay will exceed three months to provide certification that you are not HIV positive. Russian law also stipulates that test results must date from an examination conducted no more than three months prior to entry into the Russian Federation.

While the School in Russia does not require HIV test results, nor does it discriminate on the basis of HIV status, these results are required by Russian officials during the visa application process and/or as a requirement for registration in your host city.

All students must obtain certification of negative HIV status before applying for a Russian visa.  The results must be dated within three months of departure. Students have been asked to re-take the test in Russia if there is no seal on the results (so try to get your results sealed to avoid this extra step).  Fall and academic year students are advised to have the test completed in mid-June, and spring semester students are advised to have the test completed in November.  It is also best to keep more than one copy of your negative status with you, as students have given their single copy to one administrator only to have the results demanded by someone else later. You should likewise carry a copy of your results anytime you will be leaving and re-entering Russia.