Travel to Russia

TSA Regulations

The Transportation Security Administration regulates what items may be carried aboard the aircraft and, as these regulations are subject to change frequently, you should consult their website close to your date of departure. Possessing certain items while going through security may result in fines or, in the case of firearms, may be considered a criminal offense.

Airline Luggage Regulations

Students should contact their airline to confirm exact luggage allowances. We strongly suggest you stick to these guidelines, or be prepared to pay excess baggage fees, which can be quite expensive. We also suggest that you consider insuring your luggage through a comprehensive travel insurance policy.  For a list of providers please see:

Students who will be studying in Irkutsk should consider that they may be subject to the luggage restrictions of Aeroflot ( or S7 (, the domestic carriers usually used by the School in Russia. In economy, 1st bag is usually free – 23 kg. (approx. 50 lbs.). All excess baggage fees are the responsibility of the individual student. Excess baggage rates in Russia change regularly, but you should expect to pay approximately as much as you would pay for excess baggage on any airline.

Travel Arrangements

Students are responsible for their own travel arrangements to Moscow. The on-site staff will arrange for continued transport to Yaroslavl or Irkutsk for these students.  We recommend using a student travel agency for flexibility and the best rates:

Consult the School in Russia calendar when planning your travel dates. You may fly into either airport—each serves only certain airlines. It is especially important that you not plan your return to the United States nor travel to another destination before the date of the last final exam. Exam dates will not be changed to accommodate students’ travel plans. No exceptions will be made.

Individual taxis from Moscow’s international airports to the center of town cost approximately $40. Public transportation to and from the airport is also available, including electric trains:, but is not generally a practical option with large amounts of luggage.  Detailed information and hints for independent travel from the airport into Moscow will be sent later.

Departures from Russia:  Return tickets should be booked according to the School in Russia calendar.  No early departures will be allowed, except in the case of medical emergency.  You will not know your precise end date until you choose your university courses and your professors announce your exam dates.  We provide the “earliest possible departure date” for those who wish to book roundtrip tickets; you may finish in advance of this date, based on your exam schedule, but you will not need to stay later.

The School in Russia will coordinate and pay for students’ return travel to Moscow from Irkutsk, but once in Moscow, students will be expected to make their own way to the airport, according to their own personal travel plans. Students needing to stay a night(s) in Moscow due to flight schedules will do so at their own expense.