Academic Honesty/Honor Code

Middlebury requires complete intellectual honesty of every student in the preparation of all assigned academic work. Work submitted must be your own. For written work you may consult friends or native speakers about a very limited number of grammatical problems, but your work may not in any way be corrected or rewritten by others. Exceptions to this rule must be made explicitly by the instructor and/or director and must apply to all students. You are strongly encouraged to ascertain the format in which faculty expect quotations from secondary sources.

Students in Class, Amman, Jordan

Students in Class, Amman, Jordan

Violations of the honor code may result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the Middlebury Schools Abroad program.

If the director suspects a student of plagiarism, cheating, or duplicate use of written work, the director will gather the evidence, including a meeting with the student, and determine with the instructor whether or not a case should proceed. If it is decided that there is a case, the evidence will be forwarded to the appropriate administrator/faculty on the Vermont campus.  That person will then make a determination as to whether the policy was violated and assign a sanction.

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