Appealing Grades

Occasionally students wish to appeal grades that they receive during their study abroad.  Middlebury periodically conducts longitudinal studies of GPAs earned while abroad and how these compare with GPAs earned during study in the U.S.  We have found that in the vast majority of cases, the GPA earned abroad closely resembles the GPA of students prior to their study abroad.  In addition, grade conversion scales are reassessed periodically, and will be recalibrated if determined to be askew.

Students who wish to appeal a course grade, however, should do so through the relevant director of the School Abroad, stating the reasons and submitting copies of all relevant supporting materials. Subsequent appeals may be made to the Dean of International Programs, whose decision is final. Appeals must be made during the six months after the grade has been posted.

Students should be aware that appealing a course grade will cause a thorough review of the grade, and that it is possible that the grade may actually be revised downward.  Once a grade appeal has been requested, any subsequent evaluation by the director of the School or the Dean of International Programs will not be subject to further review.

If a professor changes a grade as a result of direct intervention by the student, it will not be recognized by Middlebury. The only grade changes that are acceptable are those that result from going through the aforementioned process.

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