Grades, Transcripts, and Transfer of Credit

The following grades are used: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D, F. Since our host universities do not use the same system of credits and grades as U.S. institutions, students receive U.S. equivalent credits and grades as established by the appropriate School Abroad director. Your country-specific handbook includes the relevant conversion chart for your School Abroad.

Taking a course pass/fail is not an option at the Schools Abroad.

St. Stephen's College, Delhi, India

St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, India

Students from other institutions should be aware that while your home college or university may not indicate your grades earned abroad on your institution’s transcript, you will have a permanent academic record at Middlebury, and applications to graduate and professional schools require the submission of original transcripts from all institutions of higher education attended in the U.S. or abroad.

When final grades become available, students will be able to access them online via BannerWeb.  Grades are never released over the phone.

Middlebury Students

Grades are automatically recorded on the student’s Middlebury College transcript. You will be able to access your grades via BannerWeb as soon as you complete the study abroad evaluation.

Students From Other Colleges and Universities

Middlebury considers a semester and an academic year abroad equivalent to a semester and an academic year in the U.S The academic year at the Middlebury Schools Abroad is divided into two semesters.  Start and end dates vary significantly, but are normally tied to the academic calendar of the local universities where students take their mainstream courses.  The normal course load for undergraduates is 4 or 5 courses per semester, depending on the school, equivalent to 16 or 15 credit hours, respectively, or 20-25 quarter hours.

When you applied to the program, your study abroad advisor indicated to which address at your home institution your Middlebury transcript should be sent. Middlebury will send one copy of your transcript from your semester(s) abroad to this address for the purpose of credit transfer. If you are a post-bac student, Middlebury will send your transcript to your home address. Additional copies may be requested in writing and for a fee from the Middlebury Registrar’s Office:

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