A grade of “Incomplete” must be approved by the director of your School Abroad and will only be granted in cases of extreme necessity (i.e., documented medical or personal emergencies). There must be a clear understanding between the faculty member and the student as to the conditions under which the “Incomplete” is to be removed. Students who wish to petition for an “Incomplete” in a non-emergency situation are required to complete a special form available from the School Abroad’s office at least three weeks prior to their departure. All “Incompletes” must be made up one month prior to the end of the following semester, according to the School Abroad’s calendar. Be sure to allow sufficient time for the material to be received and graded by the appropriate professor before these dates. Students are responsible for ensuring that the professor receives the material in a timely fashion. Students should be sure to keep a copy for themselves. “Incompletes” not removed by the deadline mentioned above automatically become “F’s” on the student’s transcript. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure that this deadline is respected—no warnings are sent by Middlebury to the student.

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