Program Rules & Regulations


Students at Middlebury-CMRS come from Colleges and Universities whose traditions and practices are sometimes very different from those in Oxford.  Here you are part of a highly varied community of dons (professors), graduate students, and undergraduates.  These Regulations are designed to provide a suitable structure within which all members of the community can co-exist harmoniously.  Please read them carefully.  By choosing to accept our offer to study at Middlebury-CMRS you agree to abide by the following terms, conditions and regulations.

Health & Safety

General: St. Michael’s Hall is located in a busy English city centre through which a great array of people from all walks of life pass daily.  It is very important that security be maintained in this Hall.  Please check that front and rear doors are securely locked after you use them; they must never be propped open and left unattended.  Please also be certain of the identity of anyone you admit as a guest when you use the automatic video entry system; admit only individuals known to you.

Students must not intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interest of health, safety or welfare in pursuance of the relevant statutory provisions.

Middlebury-CMRS reserves the right to check the safety of any electrical appliance and will refuse permission for the use of any appliance that is unsafe.  Please note that American electrical equipment can be run in England only with a transformer or if it is specifically designed to work also with 220-240 volts and 50mhz (most laptops are designed to be used with European electrical current).

Guests: No overnight guests are permitted in St Michael’s Hall.  Guests are welcome between 10.00 a.m. and Midnight.  We will be pleased to provide a list of nearby guesthouses and hotels where rooms may be arranged for visiting family and friends.  Guests may visit only for social calls; they may not make use of the study areas, showers, laundry, or prepare their own meals in the kitchen.  Students are responsible for the behaviour and actions of their guests at all times.

Insurance: All students are covered by GeoBlue international health insurance.  Personal possessions should also be properly insured.  It is every individual student’s responsibility to ensure they have adequate, international insurance coverage.

Accidents and Illness: All accidents must be recorded in the Accident Book in the Administrator’s Office, and student illness should be reported to the Dean or Administrator as soon as possible so that the necessary care can be provided.  If a student develops a serious medical condition, he or she should notify the administrative staff immediately.

Medical Officer: Dr Easdale is the Medical Officer to Middlebury-CMRS.  He is responsible for the medical welfare of students.  He works at 28 Beaumont Street which is a five-minute walk from St Michael’s Hall. Students resident for more than six months can register with the practice and enjoy free general medical care under the National Health Service.  All other students are seen as private patients.  28 Beaumont Street have a direct billing arrangement with GeoBlue International Health Insurance so make sure you take your card with you to a consultation otherwise you will be charges £70 for a consultation.  An out of Hours service is available by ringing 28 Beaumont Street and following the instructions on the answerphone.

Absence Book: The Absence Book is in the Main Entrance.  Students are required to sign out if they will be away from Oxford for one or more nights should record details of how long they will be away and where they will be.  The purpose of this rule is: a) to ensure that in the event of fire we know who is, and who is not, in the building; b) to be able to contact you in an emergency; c) in the event of an emergency, to inform a student’s family of his or her whereabouts.

Fire: Interference with extinguishers or any fire equipment is a criminal offence as it endangers life.  A Fire Notice is posted in every study-bedroom and on Bulletin Boards. Students are responsible, on behalf of themselves and their guests, for knowing the fire safety regulations, fire exits and rendezvous point described in that notice.

Fire Hazards: 1) Candles, joss-sticks, incense and other flames are not permitted in study-bedrooms or anywhere else in the building. 2) Do not obstruct the free circulation of air around the central heating radiators or electric light fittings by placing beds or furniture against them, or by covering them with clothes, material, paper, etc.; this may cause them to overheat. 3) Do not leave laptops, tablets or phones charging on beds, carpets or soft furnishings as they will get hot – always charge on a hard surface – for example a desk.

Bicycles: No bicycles may be brought into or stored anywhere in St Michael’s Hall.  Leaving bicycles in corridors is against fire regulations, and bicycles tend to make tyre marks, grease and oil spots on carpets.  Bicycles must be securely locked in the outdoor racks on the east side of the Hall.  Any bicycle found inside the Hall will be placed outside in the racks.  Please insure your bicycle against theft.

Food: No food is to be stored in study-bedrooms.  Use the food lockers and kitchen refrigerators provided.

Window-Sills: No objects of any kind should be placed on the outside window-sills; doing so can create a major safety hazard to people walking below.

Further information: Please also read the Health and Safety and Orientation pages.

Conduct & Liability

Disclaimer: All Colleges unfortunately suffer sporadically from petty theft, and very occasionally from uninvited intrusions. Any such incident must be reported as soon as possible to a member of staff.  Remember to lock your rooms.  We will accept no liability for the loss or damage to the personal possessions of students.  It is the responsibility of any student at Middlebury-CMRS to maintain insurance against loss or damage to personal possessions.

Disciplinary Action: The Principal of Middlebury-CMRS may require community service projects or take other disciplinary action against students found to have breached community values.  Offences such as vandalism, harrassment or theft will be taken seriously.

Expulsion: MIddlebury-CMRS reserves the right to expel any student from the programme if the student’s behaviour is disruptive or likely to bring Middlebury-CMRS into disrepute; if a student is convicted of any criminal offence; if any illegal or controlled substance is found in the possession of a student.

Withdrawal for Health and Safety Reasons: A student may be asked to withdraw from the programme if his or her health presents a risk to other students studying at Middlebury-CMRS, or if the student’s health affects his or her ability to complete a course.

Refunds: A student who is expelled or who withdraws for any reason other than a medical reason will receive no refund of fees.  If the withdrawal is for genuine medical reasons, the student will receive a pro-rata refund of fees.

Damage: Students will be charged at cost for the repair of any accidental damage caused to their rooms or elsewhere.  In the case of wilful damage, Middlebury-CMRS follows the policy of Oxford Colleges and the charge will be double the cost of repair or replacement.  Unnecessary damage may be caused by the careless fixing of pictures, and in particular by the use for this purpose of adhesive plastic tape: use the notice boards provided in each room for fixing pictures.

Drugs: Any student having illegal or controlled substances on the premises or caught with them elsewhere may be immediately dismissed from his/her course of studies and sent home. Under British law possession of drugs or other illegal substances may result in imprisonment, deportation, or both.

Smoking: St Michael’s Hall is a ‘Smoke Free’ building – All areas are NO SMOKING areas.  Smoking in the building will not be tolerated and under British law may result in fixed penalty fine and possible criminal prosecution.

Alcohol: All areas of St Michael’s Hall are NO DRINKING areas, apart from the Common Room and Dining Room. Drunkenness inside the building will not be tolerated and may lead to disciplinary action.

Library Books: Vandalising or defacing of books by marking, underlining, turning down of page corners, or rough treatment, will result in the student being charged at cost for repair or replacement.  Books are checked before and after issue.

Student Kitchen and Dining Room: Crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils are provided which each student is expected to wash and put away after use. It is not the responsibility of the housekeeping staff to wash up. All meals are to be consumed in the Dining Room, not elsewhere in St. Michael’s Hall.

Noise: Please consider your neighbours by not making noise which disturbs others, particularly between 10.00 p.m. and 8.00 a.m.  There should not be gatherings in study-bedrooms between those hours: all such social activity after 10.00 p.m. should be confined to the Dining Room and Common Room. Please be reminded that though these areas are exempt from ‘Quiet Hours’,  the corridors that you pass through are not.  In particular, no social or noisy gatherings are allowed in the Lecture Hall, Room of Requirement or Seminar Rooms at any time; these are areas reserved for academic study.

PartiesParties are to be held in the Hall only under the following conditions:

  • All parties must be arranged with the prior consent of the Principal or Senior Tutor.
  • One or more student(s) must be named as organiser(s) of the party. The organisers will be responsible for ensuring that the JCR is cleared immediately after the party (not the following morning).
  • Non-residents of St Michael’s Hall may be invited to parties, but (as with all guests) their hosts are responsible for their behaviour.
  • Parties may only be held on Friday and Saturday nights, plus during the break between the Research Course and Term. All parties must finish by 1am, but the Junior Deans may end the gathering from midnight onwards if they see fit.
  • The party organisers will be held responsible for the smooth running of the party, and are financially responsible for any damage or special cleaning expenses resulting from the party that cannot be assigned to individual students.

Laundry: Clothes must not be washed or dried in the study-bedrooms.  St. Michael’s Hall provides coin-operated laundry machines, drying racks, and an iron.

Travel: Try to avoid staying in backpacker style hostels.  Students travelling outside St. Michael’s Hall who return with bed-bugs may be liable for the cost of treatment and replacement of beds as necessary.

Student Grievance Policy

Appeals and complaints process:

i. Complaints and appeals should in the first instance be brought to the attention of the Senior Tutor.

ii. At every stage in the process, the Senior Tutor (or, if appropriate, another member of staff) will ensure that the complainant understands the Student Grievance Policy.

iii. It may be that the Senior Tutor is able to resolve any issue informally, without any further process, by consultation with any students, tutors and colleagues involved.  In this case the Senior Tutor will nonetheless report the matter to the Academic Committee and the Academic Board.

iv. If a student is not satisfied with an informal resolution, s/he can bring a matter to the Academic Committee.  Complaints and appeals should be made in writing.  The Academic Committee will deal with the matter promptly.  The Academic Committee may seek guidance from others, for instance tutors. The Academic Committee will communicate its decision swiftly to the complainant.

v. If a student is not satisfied with the decision of the Academic Committee, s/he can appeal to the Dean of International Programs at Middlebury College.

vi. Should there be any merit in a complaint or appeal then prompt and proportionate action will be taken to rectify the situation.

If students are not satisfied with the outcome of this procedure, in matters directly relevant to the standards for accreditation it is open to them to pursue the Complaints Procedure of the British Accreditation Council.

Concerns about academic standards and quality may also be raised with the Quality Assurance Agency which has educational oversight of the Middlebury-CMRS programme.

Other Matters

Repairs: So that timely action can be taken, all students are requested to report necessary repairs directly to the Administrator or the Duty Junior Dean in person, or by email.

Lost and Found:
Please see or email the administrative staff if any personal articles are missing.

End of the Semester:
Students must vacate the Hall by noon on the stated day of departure.  We regret that we cannot store luggage, but we can refer students to a local storage centre.