Keble College

Founded in 1870 in memory of John Keble, Keble College was the first new college to be established in Oxford since Worcester in 1714. It has the reputation of being one of the friendliest colleges in the University, with a strong sense of community among all its members – students, dons and staff.

As Associate Members of Keble College, Middlebury-CMRS students are part of the student body (called the JCR, or Junior Common Room), and are able to use Keble student facilities, such as the student bar, café, gym etc. The main premises of Keble are about a ten minute walk from St. Michael’s Hall.  Many students join Keble student activities, such as sports and music. Students are also able to join Oxford-wide student activities, such as sports, drama, music, and many other clubs covering a very wide range of interests.

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While they are associate members of Keble, Middlebury-CMRS is fully responsible for the academic, pastoral, and accommodation needs of all its students, as well as their disciplinary oversight. Neither Keble College nor the University of Oxford have any responsibility for academic, pastoral, disciplinary and accommodation matters relating to Middlebury-CMRS.

Music at Keble

Keble has a strong musical tradition, and facilities to match. For example, the music room has a concert grand piano, and there is an upright which can be used for practice. The installation of a pipe organ in the College Chapel will add yet more verve to the flourishing musical life that already includes Chapel Choir, orchestra, choral society and big band, and a variety of concerts, recitals, masterclasses and impromptu jamming.

Keble College Chapel Choir

At least twice every week the vast neo-Gothic splendour of Keble Chapel is filled with the sound of one of the best (and friendliest) mixed voice choirs in Oxford. The choir welcomes singers from throughout the University, and M-CMRS students are encouraged to audition. The Choir has been heard on the national radio stations, Radio 3 and Classic FM, and has recorded with Priory Records.

The choir’s fixed weekly routine includes services on Wednesday and Sunday evenings with a rehearsal before each service and an additional one on Thursday mornings. Choir members also enjoy a busy social life with several parties, dinners and bar trips every term.

Keble College Music Society

The Society exists to assist and promote the making of music within Keble College. It aims to increase musical appreciation and encourage excellence in performance within Keble both by members of the College and by invited musicians.

During each full term, the society arranges a Warden’s Concert which is normally given by members of the College, and a recital (or concert/master class) given by invited musicians of professional standard. In addition, the society promotes a concert each term by the Keble College Orchestra. Entrance to these concerts is heavily subsidised by grants from the College to ensure that as many students as possible are able to appreciate the very high standard of music within Keble.

Sport at Keble

As one of the larger Oxford colleges, Keble is active and successful in most inter-collegiate sports. A modern, fully equipped Gym is open each day in term between 10.00 am and 11.00 pm. There are student-run college clubs in all major University sports (and numerous minor ones), offering teams catering for all levels of ability and commitment. At first team level, Keble teams are in the top division for most sports (including football, rowing, cricket and rugby), and consistently compete for league and cuppers honours. Whether M-CMRS students are interested in traditional sports or more modern sports such as Dancesport and Ultimate Frisbee, they will be in good company at Keble and encouraged to compete.

Drama at Keble

Keble students put on up to four student productions a term in the college’s O’Reilly Theatre, one of Oxford’s newest theatres opening in October of 2002. It is a 181 capacity theatre, excellently technically equipped with options for video projection as well as extensive lighting and sound equipment available to productions. Due to its flexible seating arrangements, the theatre is also suitable for other events such as concert and dance performances.