Traveling While Abroad

If you plan to travel to other countries, be advised that regulations vary and may change with very little notice. Visas may be required. Consult a travel agent for current procedures. Hitchhiking is strongly discouraged as a matter of College policy. The practice is regarded by local security officials to be extremely unsafe and is often illegal. Buses and trains provide a low-cost, safe alternative. Rail passes in Europe offer an affordable and flexible way to travel; however they often must be purchased in the U.S. before you leave.  Another inexpensive way to ride the rails is to purchase a discount card for youth. Please visit the website of your host country’s railway for more details.  Budget airlines also offer inexpensive and fast alternatives if you only have a short vacation planned.

When leaving your host city overnight or longer, students must leave an itinerary, and/or addresses and phone numbers where they can be reached with the School Abroad office. This information will be kept confidential and used only in cases of emergency or urgent messages from parents.

Truck Heading to El Polonio, Uruguay

Truck Heading to El Polonio, Uruguay

Side-Trip Registration

Please register your side trip (any trip while not on a School-sponsored excursion, during which you will be spending at least one night away from your host city) via the form linked below.

Side Trip Registration Form

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