Student Conduct

All Middlebury School Abroad students are subject to the policies included in both the Schools Abroad General Handbook and the Middlebury Handbook. When reviewing these policies, note that in the context of the Schools Abroad, “Middlebury staff” refers to the director of the School Abroad.

Students should review the policies governing student conduct (sections B.2.a, B.2.a.i, B.2.a.ii, B.2.a.iii, B.2.a.iv.) here.

Prohibited Conduct

The following conduct is prohibited and may result in discipline up to and including expulsion from a Middlebury School Abroad or any other Middlebury program:

*Violation of Middlebury’s General Conduct Standards.

*Violation of Middlebury-Wide Policies including but not limited to Respectful Behavior and Honesty and Cooperation in Middlebury Matters.

*Violation of Middlebury’s Non-Discrimination Policy

*Violation of Middlebury’s Policy Against Hazing

*Violation of Middlebury’s Alcohol and Other Drugs policy

*Violation of Middlebury’s Minors on Campus policy

*Violation of Middlebury’s Academic Honesty, the Honor Code and Related Disciplinary Policies

*Violation of the laws of the host country.

*Violation of the rules or policies of the host entity.

*Violation of program rules or policies regarding housing.

In certain circumstances involving alleged policy violations (e.g., involved individuals are enrolled in or employed by a foreign university or a non-Middlebury program) the host university’s disciplinary procedures or the local court system may supersede Middlebury’s procedures in that location. In these situations, the School Abroad director, and/or other Middlebury official(s) will work closely with the local staff or faculty at the host university (or local law enforcement, if applicable) to ensure that the matter is appropriately addressed.  Middlebury will, nonetheless, take steps within the scope of its authority designed to prevent the recurrence of harassment, sexual misconduct, domestic or dating violence or misconduct, or stalking, and remedy the effects of such behavior. In addition, Middlebury retains sole discretion to determine whether to initiate its own investigation and adjudication under its SMDVS policy regardless of the outcome of any disciplinary proceeding conducted by a non-Middlebury institution or program and/or the outcome of any law enforcement investigation or court proceeding.

Because Middlebury is committed to cultivating a safe, healthy and inclusive community where all individuals treat each other with respect, we ask all students to complete an on-line training course as part of the pre-departure process.

Because Middlebury’s primary concern is for the heath and safety of its students, the Medical Amnesty Policy exempts students who seek medical help from disciplinary action.

Find contact information here for reporting violations of Middlebury’s Non-Discrimination Policy.

Students should review the policies governing emergency removals here.

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