Graduate Placement – Center for Careers and Internships

All students are encouraged to utilize the Center for Careers and Internships (CCI) early in the summer in preparation for your year abroad. The CCI phone number is 802.443.5100 and their email is Employment opportunities as well as many other valuable resources are accessible on the CCI homepage. Remember that the CCI also offers both email and phone consultations for students studying abroad.

The Center for Careers and Internships offers a credentials service for students enrolled in graduate degree programs at the Middlebury College Language Schools. A credentials file consists of letters of recommendation that you have solicited on your own behalf. It may also include unofficial transcripts and teacher certification documents that you send or arrange to have sent to the CCI.  If you already have a credentials file at your undergraduate institution, you may elect to keep it there or transfer it to Middlebury; electronic credentials services are also available.