Host Universities

The relationship that Middlebury has with its host universities abroad is critical to the success of the program. Many of the policies in place are based on our agreements with these institutions.

Keble College, Oxford, England

Keble College, Oxford, England

One such policy prohibits students from extending their stay at the host university without being there under the auspices of Middlebury. Students are expected to conform to such rules to ensure Middlebury’s continued good relationship with our host universities.

Host University Strikes

Since most of our partners abroad are public institutions, they may be involved in labor or other disputes and strikes.  These strikes can be led by faculty, staff, or students, or a combination thereof. As disruptive and unpredictable as strikes can be, Middlebury will do its best to protect, whenever possible, the student’s academic credit. This may require students to do alternative work, such as attending classes outside the university facilities, working with private tutors or teachers, or moving to another local private or public university. In the event of a university strike, it is the student’s responsibility to keep up with readings and assignments as if they were still going to class.

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