Being an International Student in the U.S. and Going Abroad

Studying abroad affords you advantages over your U.S. counterparts. Having left your home country to study abroad in the U.S. you’ve already learned how to adjust to a new culture, educational system, and language. Your skills and experience may help you to enjoy a relatively smooth transition into your new host culture and university setting. However, please keep in mind that you may still experience culture shock, feelings of isolation, or adjustment difficulties.

Students at a Fruit Stand, Delhi India

Students at a Fruit Stand, Delhi India

The staff of the Schools Abroad does not overlook your unique situation and is ready to assist you. Just ask! Be sure to discuss your U.S. immigration status with the Office of International Student and Scholar Services prior to leaving the country.

For more information, visit the International Students page of the Middlebury Study Abroad Diversity website.

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