Program Fees

Charges and expenses vary by location.  The tuition and estimated out-of-pocket expenses for the Middlebury Schools Abroad can be found on the respective websites listed below.

Middlebury students will also be assessed an additional non-refundable study abroad administrative fee per semester.

Accordion player, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Accordion player, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Estimated Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Estimates of out-of-pocket expenses are in addition to the tuition and study abroad administrative fee charged by Middlebury. Figures may vary depending on individual lifestyles and situations as well as variation in exchange rates. For financial aid budgeting purposes, the exchange rates used for the year are posted on the above web pages and cannot be adjusted to account for fluctuating exchange rates.

Please note that the “Personal” figure covers some basic necessities (e.g. local transportation, cell phone, bank fees, some cultural activities, etc.) and does not, and is not, intended to include students’ discretionary spending (e.g., entertainment, fitness, and travel).

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