Service and Assistance Animals Abroad

Middlebury College distinguishes between Service Animals, defined by the Department of Justice as, “dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities,” and Assistance Animals (a category which includes Emotional Support Animals), which are recognized under the Fair Housing Act (FHA).  More information regarding these two categories can be found in the Middlebury College Handbook under section B.1.d. “Service and Assistance Animals Policy.”

Students should note that the ability to bring a service or assistance animal abroad will vary widely by location.  Students are strongly encouraged to consult with the International Programs office at Middlebury College prior to applying to determine the feasibility of bringing a service or assistance animal to their desired location.

Service Animals

Students who would like to request to bring a service animal abroad must complete the Assistance Request Form found in the Middlebury Schools Abroad application portal.  The request will be reviewed by Middlebury’s Disability Resource Center, in conjunction with the International Programs office.

Assistance Animals

Students who would like to request to bring an assistance animal abroad must consult directly with the organization, landlord, or family providing housing for the duration of their stay.  The Middlebury International Programs office is available to assist in the connection of relevant parties and the sharing of information.

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