Learning Outside the Classroom

Middlebury encourages students to take full advantage of their experience abroad by participating in learning experiences outside the classroom. Internships, volunteer work, and cultural activities provide students with opportunities to deepen their social immersion in the host culture, enhance their language skills, and gain a better understanding of their host country.

Volunteer Work

Volunteering at a Local School, Hangzhou, China

Students wishing to contribute their time and service to the community may choose to work as volunteers with organizations in the non-profit sector. The School Abroad office in-country will advise students on volunteer opportunities.

Cultural Activities

Soccer on the Beach, Rabat, Morocco

Other options that facilitate student immersion include sporting, cultural, and outdoor activities. The staff abroad is available to advise students on the wide range of possibilities your host city has to offer.

In-Country Travel

In addition to limited, program-sponsored excursions, students are encouraged to take advantage of vacation periods to explore their host country.


Students may be able to join organized sports teams through the university and/or city. The on-site staff can advise you as to the possibilities.

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