Academic Resources

Libraries & Bookstores

The universities have limited resources available for student use, but students will also have access to public libraries. Students should be prepared to wait for their university ID before being allowed to use the university library and should be prepared to ask the library staff for assistance, as open stacks are not as available in Brazil as they are in the U.S.  Many libraries are open only during business hours.

Where to Study

Coffee shops are not a common space to study in Brazil. There are coffee shops near campus, but they are mostly used as a gathering place for friends to meet or business meetings, which makes them noisy. The library, a hidden place in your department or your room are the places where you will likely work.


Computers are also available at the universities, but students should be aware that computer rooms have limited schedules and that printing may be restricted.  We strongly recommend that you bring a laptop, but not a printer.  Taking a jump drive will allow you to take your work to a public printing location.


Tutors are available upon request.  If you find yourself in need, you may contact the director of the School in Brazil or the site coordinator.