How to Get to Your Host City

Before leaving for Brazil, the staff abroad will send you contact information for your host family. Please ask your host about the best way to get from the airport to your residence and consult the following:

Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte International Airport (Aeroporto Tancredo Neves (CNF) is located in a neighborhood called Confins, about 38 km. from downtown.

To get from the international airport to the city, the approximate cost by taxi is between R$120,00-150,00, or you can take a bus that connects the international airport to downtown (Alvares Cabral or Rodoviária). There are two kinds of buses, and the approximate costs are R$25,00. You get off at the Alvares Cabral (last stop, downtown) and take a cab to your host family home. It’s possible to ask if your host family can pick you up at this stop.  UBER is available for R$80,000-100,000).


The city has its own airport, Hercílio Luz Airport (FLN).  If you are flying into Brazil, it is likely that your first connection will be from São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro to Hercílio Luz airport in Florianópolis.  Ensure that when you are making your travel arrangements your departing flight from your connecting city leaves from the same airport that you flew into, as both cities have more than one airport, and transferring between them can be a hassle. Hercílio Luz airport lies 10km from the center of Florianópolis.  The best way to get downtown is to take an uber (around R$35).


If you arrive independently at the international airport of Rio de Janeiro (Rio Galeão – GIG), after leaving customs, approach the ground services booth and hire a cab service to your destination in Niterói with a price fixed in advance. The trip to the city may take 20 – 30 minutes if you avoid peak-hours.  The rate is about R$60-80.

*Students who plan on paying by credit card should look for authorized booths right after they leave customs, because not all taxis have credit card machines.

Uber is available for R$80-100).

Before arriving, check with the director to see if pick up arrangements are available for you.