Language Pledge

Among the many things that Middlebury College expects during study abroad is for students to develop a degree of independence and to take responsibility for themselves.  Here is a copy of the pledge you signed when you enrolled in the program:

To take fullest advantage of my time abroad, I will maintain the spirit of the Middlebury Language Pledge to speak only the language that I am studying. I understand that no English is to be used in the School’s offices, except in emergency consultations with the Director and his or her staff. I recognize that the Language Pledge plays a major role in the success of the academic, social, and personal dimensions of my time abroad, both as a symbol of commitment and as an essential part of the language learning process, as proven by the successes of the summer Language Schools. I understand that speaking the target language with other students on the program as well as with locals will help me focus my energies on the acquisition of the language and internalize the patterns of communication and the cultural perspectives associated with the language.

Violation of the Language Pledge deprives me and my fellow students of a valuable opportunity. By signing this, I agree to abide by the Middlebury College Language Pledge.

Calls to family and friends overseas are permitted, but students should realize that frequent contact with anyone back home removes them from the experience they signed up for.