Approximate Program Costs & Expenses

The following is an estimate of program costs for students:

Please remember that Middlebury College only bills you for the tuition portion and the study abroad fee (for Middlebury College students only); the remaining expenses will be out-of-pocket. Figures may vary depending on individual lifestyles and situations. Please note that the “Personal” figure covers some basic necessities (local transportation, cell phone, bank fees, program-sponsored excursions, etc.) and does not, and is not intended to include students’ discretionary spending (e.g. entertainment, fitness, and travel).

Tuition includes orientation, academic fees, health insurance and one group trip per semester. Tuition does not include housing or food. Students in Brazil are responsible for paying for their own meals and personal expenses.

Keep in mind that the amount of money you spend ultimately depends on the lifestyle you choose. The figures above do not account for nights out or restaurant meals taken every day.

Remember to budget extra if you are planning to travel before or after your program.  Plane or train travel may seem relatively inexpensive, but travel costs still add up quickly.  If you are a big spender in the U.S., bringing more money would be a good idea.  If you plan on regularly sampling the nightlife of your city, you should remember that this adds to your expenses, and also budget extra money for taxis.

Fluctuating exchange rates make advanced planning of costs challenging. We advise that you overestimate your costs to accommodate these fluctuations.  Please be sure to confirm the exchange rate shortly before your departure so that you budget accordingly.