All Undergraduates

A student’s workload must be approved by the director in Brazil. Normally this course load is comprised of two to five (depending on the university) university courses, the Escrita para competência linguística e cultural (escrita acadêmica e cultura afro-brasileira) course, and an internship.  Students may not take any courses designed for foreign students at their host university.  Students are not permitted to take lighter loads, nor will they receive additional credit for heavier loads. To facilitate the granting of major credit, students should bring back to campus their course syllabi, papers, and any other material relevant to determining the course content.

Middlebury Undergraduates

Middlebury College students receive 4.5 units of credit for the fall or spring semesters and nine units of credit for the academic year (either the Middlebury or the Brazilian calendar).

For Portuguese majors/minors from Middlebury College, when registering for your classes abroad, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese wants you to keep in mind that the major consists of a body of courses whose content relates to Portuguese language, literature and culture. To consider courses for the major or minor, at least half of the content has to be directly related to one or several Portuguese speaking countries. Courses taught in Portuguese that do not follow this description will not receive Portuguese credit. For instance, a course like Economics with no emphasis on Brazil will not count. Courses from abroad that meet these criteria will transfer back to the department at the 350-level.

Students from Other Colleges and Universities

Middlebury College considers a semester/ academic year abroad equivalent to a semester/academic year in the U.S. Students who transfer their credits to other institutions typically receive 16-15 credit hours per semester or 20-25 quarter units per semester for 4 or 5 courses.  The .5 unit writing course typically receives 2 semester hours of credit. Because an undergraduate student’s home institution determines the number of credits awarded for work abroad, students are urged to consult with their advisers well ahead of time.