Registration for classes will take place under the advisement of the director of the School in Brazil.  At that time more detailed information about studying at a Brazilian university will be given, and specific questions will be addressed.  Some course descriptions are on the Web; those that are not will often be available upon arrival at the university. You should be prepared to physically go to the university to look at the list of available courses in each department.  Also, keep in mind that courses offered can change every semester, so you may have to adjust your choices after arrival, but you should be confident in your chosen departments ahead of time.

  • PUC Minas – Coração Eucarístico: Be aware that 1st year classes at PUC start later than any other (two weeks after the beginning of the semester). Therefore, classes also finish two weeks after the official end date of the program. Please be aware of this when you choose your classes. Usually, Middlebury students choose 4th-6th semester.