When travelling overnight or away from your site, please let your director know your travel plans.  This is especially important to do at the end of the semester so the director can ensure that you have completed all that is required of you prior to departure.

Travel Between Sites

If you plan to visit another city in which the School in Brazil operates, you can get in touch with the local staff and use their homestay network. Some houses that work with our program do have an additional room that visiting students may rent for about $20 per night.

Travel Outside Brazil

If you plan to travel to other countries, be advised that regulations vary and may change at very short notice. In some cases a visa and inoculations may be required. Consult a travel agent for current procedures.

Hitchhiking as a mode of transportation anywhere in Latin America is strongly discouraged as a matter of College policy. The practice is regarded by security officials to be extremely unsafe and is often illegal. Buses and trains provide a low-cost, safe alternative. South America on a Shoestring (Lonely Planet), Backpacking in Chile & Argentina (Bradt Pub./Hunter’s Pub.), South American Handbook, or Fodor’s Guides contain useful travel information.