Grade Equivalency: Brazilian Universities

Grades received at Brazilian universities will be sent to the program coordinator of the School and converted to U.S. grades (see below for scale).  The conversion takes into account the difficulties inherent in studying within a different university system.  Due to the late reporting of grades by the individual universities, students should understand that they will not receive their grades until a few months after the end of the semester.  Absences may affect grades; mid-term grades may impact a student’s eligibility to sit for final exams.


UFF and UFSC Grade Middlebury Grade
9 & 10 A
8.5-8.9 A-
8.0-8.4 B+
7.5-7.9 B
7.0-7.4 B-
6.5-6.9 C+
6.0-6.4 C
1-5.9 F
PUC-Minas Grade Middlebury Grade
90 a 100 A
85 a 89 A-
80 a 84 B+
75 a 79 B
70 a 74 B-
65 a 69 C+
60 a 64 C
1 a 59 F